Have you heard about the “aha! moments” that come with hearing loops?  Watch this video from Chris in Green Bay to see what the hoopla is all about!  Then, listen to the difference in sound, with and without a hearing loop, at the Grand Rapids (Mich.) Airport.  Go ahead, click the links; we’ll wait.



Sounds crazy wonderful, right?  Want an “aha! moment” in your own environment?  Contact us for your free, no-obligation, onsite demonstration.




Simple graphic of how a hearing loop works

By installing hearing (or induction) loops, we enable people to participate again in worship services, conferences and theaters; at teller and drive-through windows; on busses and in taxis; and the list goes on.

Hear Here! Hearing Loops is based in southern Wisconsin. We specialize in designing and installing hearing loop systems in a range of venues, and we distribute countertop and personal loop devices. IEC 60118-4 trained, we guarantee that every induction loop will meet or exceed code performance standards.


Co-owners Ray and Lisa Ovar

We are Lisa and Ray Zovar, owners of Hear Here! Our goal is to create millions of “aha! moments” by bringing assistive listening systems into challenging hearing environments.

Lisa’s significant hearing loss fuels her passion to advocate for others who have hearing challenges. A member of the Hearing Loss Association of America, and active at state and local levels, Lisa has fused her personal drive and extensive business background into Hear Here! Hearing Loops.

Ray is also a dynamic advocate for people whose hearing is compromised. His many skills in design, construction and problem solving ensure every hearing loop job is installed perfectly.


Get in the Hearing Loop logo

In March 2010, the HLAA and the American Academy of Audiology launched “Get in the Hearing Loop,” a national campaign to educate consumers and hearing professionals about assistive listening technologies — especially hearing loops and telecoils. We proudly support this campaign by working to make southern Wisconsin its “poster child”!

Note: The Hearing Loss Association of America does not endorse any products or services.