We sell a variety of products to improve the listening experience at numerous locations, from your home to your car to your workplace. We are a licensed dealer of Contacta and Univox equipment and certified by both as advanced hearing loop installers. View our pricing list. Here are our featured products:



UniVox CLS-1 is a compact yet powerful loop amplifier for wireless listening through your hearing devices. CLS-1 is developed for versatility and ease of use and is equipped with automatic gain control as well as a thumb wheel volume control and bass and treble controls for pure sound quality. The metal case and effective cooling ensures long-lasting, problem-free use.

Connect the CLS-1 to your TV, stereo, MP3 player, a microphone or any other sound source that you want to hear clearly. A super sensitive dedicated microphone input, a combined mic/line input and a line input make it possible to connect your CLS-1 to virtually any sound source you like. A separate headphone output allows those without telecoils to listen to the loop sound as well.

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Back seat of a car with loop pad installed

UniVox Loop Pad is a versatile accessory that works well with the CLS-1. The loop pad is the easiest way to loop your favorite chair; just place it under the chair or the cushion. It has a 32 foot cord, so it will reach just about anywhere.

The loop pad is also ideal for looping your car, in conjunction with a microphone for the person speaking. The grey loop pad measures 15.75” by 15.75” and fits under the car seat.


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Person using a portable hearing loop in an office setting

Take the personal Contacta Portable InfoLoop to the everyday places where you struggle to hear: the doctor’s office, the bank, the consultation area in a pharmacy, home visits, meeting rooms, etc. The self-contained, fully portable unit is made of tough ABS plastic and designed for desktop/countertop use. Its transmission field extends to a maximum of 4’; the microphone picks up to about 15-20’. It has a single on/off switch that makes it easy to operate and LED lights that indicate battery status. It is lightweight, neat and compact, weighing 1.76 lbs. Rechargeable battery; charge unit to full capacity before use; 10” x 11” x 4.5”.


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Front desk of an office with a Supa-T loop installed

The SupaLoop kit consists of a microphone, a loop amplifier and a counter aerial that is also the “Hearing Loop” sign. This system is an installed, always on system that provides clear communication with hearing aid or cochlear implant users n areas of high background noise like counters, booths, desks and similar locations.

This unit works well in banks, post offices, supermarkets, theaters, information centers, airports, pharmacy counters, libraries and doctor offices.

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